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Your attic is one of the biggest opportunities to insulate your home and save on energy costs. We offer quality attic insulation services in the Cupertino Bay Area.

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View of a home attic with proper insulation
General overview of an attic with proper batt insulation
It comes down to material choice

Which material is best for attic insulation?

The truth is, it depends on your situation, the type of attic you have the size of the attic, and the location of your home. Generally speaking, the best type of material for you is governed by the R-value of the material. The higher the R-value, the better the material will be at insulating.

For climates like California, attic insulation materials can be around R30, while colder climates will need R38 and higher. The available materials commonly used for attics are:

- Fiberglass
- Cellulose
- Blown in
- Spray foam

Fiberglass batts are commonly used in attics because they come in rolls pre-cut to common stud widths. This enables our insulation contractor to quickly install them.

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Let's go over cost

How much does it cost to have your attic insulated?

As you may already be expecting, the cost of insulating an attic or your entire home or property depends on additional factors. To give you a rough estimation, the average cost to insulate an attic ranges between $1 and $7 per square foot.

As we dive deeper into the project, we'll define the type of insulating material that will be best for your home, we'll go over material and labor costs as well. In some cases, when dealing with much older homes, the wood structure of the attic may not be adequate enough for proper installation. Such cases may require further inspection by a roofing professional.

Smaller attics can require installations that are as low as $600, while a home with a bigger attic can cost $5000. Keep in mind that this one time cost is an investment that will save you tons of money on your monthly energy bill, for years and years to come.

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