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We provide professional residential and commercial insulation services in Cupertino, Santa Clara County, and the Bay Area. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project and we'll be more than happy to help.

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Insulation contractor inspecting fiberglass insulation in the ceiling
Insulation contractors for residential and commercial

Need spray foam or attic insulation for your home?

Whether you're moving into a new home, just purchased a new one, or are renovating an older one, we provide professional residential insulation services, as well as energy saving solutions for your home. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs and budget. Our team has decades of experience so you can trust us with any home or commercial project!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 40% of a homeowner's utility bill is spent on heating and cooling! The reason this number is so high is because of inefficiencies in insulation.

In older homes, this becomes especially problematic because HVAC systems need to work overtime in order to properly heat your home in the Winter, or cool it down during the Summer. Attic insulation may sometimes require a roofer to inspect the structure of the attic to ensure proper insulation installation.

Older homes suffer from leaks and cracks in walls, the attic, and crawlspaces. This allows hot or cold energy from your home to escape to the outside.

With properly outfitted insulation, your heating and cooling costs can reduce by an average of 20% per month! Think about how much that can add up to in a year.

Most homeowners just accept or ignore this aspect of their home because it's something that can't be seen. They are not looking at nor wondering about the effectiveness of their insulation. But this can become a danger to you and your family's health when left alone.

Take attics and crawlspaces for example. The average American does not maintain these spaces, and in a short period of time, they become contaminated. The air that you breath in your home everyday often circulates through these spaces, picking up dust and allergens.

If a healthy environment and lowering your utility bill are important to you, it's imperative you have your home reevaluated for insulation repair and installation.

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The insulation company you can trust

A team of insulation contractors that can help

For all of our customers, we offer free estimates and perform a full home inspection before committing to any project and provide you with a report of our findings. We then work with homeowners to discuss all possible insulation service options that are appropriate for the budget.

So whether you need spray foam insulation or for your attic, or are need help determining the best kind of fiberglass insulation material will work best for your use, we can help. We want to ensure that we align on the best solution to make your home cleaner, healthier, and more energy efficient.

After a proper installation, your energy bill, and ultimately your pocket will see the benefits right away! As your heating and cooling loads will be decreased, your HVAC system won’t have to run as long to maintain the air temperature.

We will also help with the insulation removal of the old material so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

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Contractor unrolling fiberglass insulation
Insulation contractor applying spray foam insulation in the attic
Why work with Bay Area's leading insulation pros

Quality and customer service

We value every single customer and provide them with a wonderful customer experience. Our team of experienced, licensed professionals are highly trained, knowledgeable about residential and commercial insulation, and communicate effectively.

We trust our customers, and our customers trust us. Floor and wall insulation are the most common types of projects that we get and, and they are always required for new construction projects. As a small business, we are willing to do what we can to make sure we deliver quality work, on time, and on budget.

We know what you're going through, and finding a residential insulation contractor near you can be intimidating. Rest assured that we're not here to take advantage of you or nickel and dime you. Unlike some other insulation companies, we believe in honest, fair, competitive pricing.

We will guide you throughout every step of the process, starting with the first phone call. From going over types of insulation, costs, installation methods, and pros and cons of each material, you’ll have full confidence that your home will be more efficient as a result of work with us.

Learn more about insulation

Understanding R-value and its impact on insulating effectiveness

Wall and attic insulation materials can be confusing, as there are a lot of things to learn about such as: how much is needed, what and where to insulate, and material choice.

When it comes to the amount of insulation, a rough estimate is taken by measuring the length and height of each wall in each room. The width and height of each wall is then multiplied, to find the total area in square feet. Adding all of those areas up will result in the total area needed.

Determining where to insulate is easier; ceilings and walls, and floors with unheated spaces are prime areas for insulating. Other obvious areas include attics, vented crawlspaces, and in between interior walls—even in bathrooms.

Understanding material choice requires an understanding of R value, which is the unit of measure, or value assigned to the effectiveness of insulation. The higher the R value, the better the insulating power.

Depending on the climate and area, typical recommendations for exterior walls are R-12 to R-24. Higher values such as R-30 and R-40 are more necessary for attics and ceilings.

There is also something known as standard R-value and effective R-value. Standard R-value measures the effectiveness of the insulating material as heat is transferred through it. Effective R-value is a more real-world, more accurate way of measuring effectiveness because it takes into consideration multiple hot and cold sources, such as rain and sun, radiation, convection, and air circulation.

Contractor unrolling fiberglass insulation in the floor joist

Commercial and residential insulation services

We offer several different services that will cover all home residential insulation and commercial services. From floors to walls to ceilings, our licensed insulation contractors will help you save on your energy bill. We have been serving the Cupertino Bay Area for years and you can depend on us for professional service.

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Detailed spray foam insulation in the attic

Spray foam insulation

For rim joists, doors, and windows. It helps to reduce air infiltration and when you need an insulating layer between the surface of your home and the outdoors.

Empty attic before an insulation installaion

Attic insulation

When the attic is insulated properly, the thermal performance increases. It is common to insulate attics with loose fill insulation, as it fills spaces and gaps.

Insulation contractor placing batt insulation into the wall

Floor and wall insulation

Walls typically contain fiberglass or batt insulation, which can come in rolls. Floors are commonly filled with loose fill, while crawlspaces are filled with rigid foam insulation.

Rolls of batt fiberglass insulation piled up

Fiberglass insulation

Useful for exterior walls and basements, batt insulation comes precut and is easy to install, such as between the studs of a wall. It provides barrier control against vapors.

Important questions to ask before getting your home insulated

How long does an inspection take?

Depending on the size of the home or property, an inspection can take up to a few hours. For a typical attic inspection, we look at air flow and ventilation, mold, leaks, exhaust ducts, and even pests. This can take an hour or longer.

What types of insulation products do you have?

This can vary slightly, but the majority of installers carry spray foam insulation (open and closed cell), batt and loose fill, fiberglass, rigid foam insulation, and cellulose. Remember, certain types are more ideal for certain situations and have different costs.

How long will the installation take and how much will it cost?

This is a tough question to answer as every single job is a different situation. Our licensed specialist will inform you of the pricing, process, and the estimated time required for the job. Please keep in mind that it is common for unforeseen obstacles that may add to installation time.

Will I need continued maintenance?

This must be assessed on a case by case basis, as every home or commercial project is different. When you're ready to learn more about our insulation services, contact us here.

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